Drug development

Targeted therapy against septic shock – a successful example

First, we analyse the blood of affected patients, in order to  identify disease-related endogenous molecules whose abundance is characteristic for the medical condition – a pivotial feature of diagnostic biomarkers.

Next, we develop diagnostic assays in order to confirm the biomarker’s clinical relevance and its suitability as a new drug target.

Finally, we develop a drug candidate for a targeted therapy, e.g. a monoclonal antibody that specifically binds the human target with high affinity.    

By this means, we deploy our decade-long experience in diagnostic blood biomarkers to develop novel therapeutic approaches. Our method ensures that the drug target actually plays an essential role in the medical condition we aim to treat and promises higher prospects of success in clinical trials. This promissing approach would'nt be possible without our worldwide scientific and clinical network that enables access to valuable blood samples.

Our focus lies on severe medical conditions that still lack adequate treatment options such as cancer or sepsis.


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