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Deutsche Biotech Innovativ (DBI) AG is a quoted biotech company based in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, Germany. DBI was originally founded as Venetus Beteiligungen AG and changed its name to Deutsche Biotech Innovativ AG, which translates as “German Biotech Innovative AG”, in August 2014. DBI's shares are traded on the open market of Dusseldorf Stock Exchange. 

DBI is a virtual biotech company, which means that DBI's research & development activity is entirely conducted by project companies, in which DBI holds different shares.

The founders and Executive Board members of DBI are Dr. Bernd Wegener (CEO) and Dr. Andreas Bergmann (CSO). The research & development activity of DBI is largely financed through the sale of B·R·A·H·M·S AG to Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2009. Wegener and Bergmann are co-founders of B·R·A·H·M·S and were members of the management until 2009. The Supervisory Board of DBI comprises Renke Lührs (Chairman), Eran Davidson and Uwe Wolff. 

DBI is part of a comprehensive international network of leading scientists, institutes and companies, from the fields of biotechnology, pharma, medicine, and life sciences. This enables the DBI to have access to a large pool of valuable patient’s data, such as clinical blood databases. 

DBI mainly focuses on the indications sepsis and cancer and primarily invests in R&D of drug candidates with huge USP potential.

The patented anti-sepsis drug candidate Adrecizumab, for example, developed by DBI’s project company AdrenoMed AG, aims to reduce organ failure and mortality during septic shock. Adrecizumab successfully passed the preclinical phase and will enter clinical phase I end of 2015.

Two more drug candidates are developed in DBI’s project companies: AB2302, a drug for breast cancer prevention which is developed by Oncoprevent GmbH, and DB1RA, an angiogenesis inhibitor to prevent tumor growth, developed by AngioBiomed GmbH. The My Life Diagnostics GmbH focuses on the development of diagnostics for urinary tract infections. DBI’s aim is to continuously expand its pipeline.


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